The Story Tells the Facts

This manual addresses storytelling techniques for writers and filmmakers, showing how a research database can be transformed into a narrative structure.

Next, it delves into specific narrative devices, and shows how they add value for the audience and the producer. “The Story Tells the Facts. Structuring and Composing Investigative Narratives” shows you how to compose a story that hits hard and fast, and builds to a powerful end.

The core of this method is continuous composition and referencing - an approach that saves time and anguish, for you and your colleagues. The authors consider narrative structures and how to build them from a chronology or a sequence of scenes. Next they demonstrate specific narrative techniques, discuss ethical issues of investigative style, and move on to quality control and promotion.
“Hunter and Sengers unpack the essential elements of writing like an anatomy lesson.” (Mark Schapiro, environmental journalist)

Mark Lee Hunter and Luuk Sengers, The Story Tells the Facts. Structuring and Composing Investigative Narratives, The Centre for Investigative Journalism, London 2013, Pages: 68 | Format: PDF | Language: English | Price: € 5,00